2002, 2022 and 20 – what do all these numbers have in common?

Well, it all starts way back in 2002 – when Godel Technologies Europe was founded: this year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary! It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by and how quickly since Godel was a small IT company headquartered in Manchester.

Today we have more than 1700 employees across our development centres across Europe and the UK. More than 20 divisions including Business Analysis, Data, Java, JavaScript, .NET, DevOps, Mobile, Python all united by great talents who work with the most exciting UK brands to bring their technology roadmaps to life.

Discussing the anniversary, Neil McMurdo, CEO said:

“It is a great honour to open the first celebratory message about our 20th Anniversary. It is no small accomplishment for any company to mature across two decades and its one that each one of us should be proud to be a part of, and for some Godelers part of for a big part of our journey.

Godel has proven time and again over the last 20 years how resilient we can be. No matter what challenges we face, we face them together whilst continuing to stay true to our core values. I am so proud of how we work together, taking the upmost pride in the quality of our work and relationships both within Godel and with our clients as we become the best nearshore software partner in Europe.

My personal journey at Godel started back in October 2015 and I think the company had approximately 170 employees working across 18 engagements at that time. It’s amazing to think we are now over 1700 employees and working with nearly 80 clients. What is special about Godel is the history and I always love hearing when people describe good times they have experienced here. Fundamental though to what makes Godel amazing is the people, and this has been the case from day 1 to day 7305 (20 years), the culture, relationships, and togetherness of what we do and the way we do it is what makes our company feel so special.

I look forward to the celebrations that we are planning this year, it goes without saying that we have had our challenges in recent years so let’s get ready to party whenever and wherever we can this year.”

To continue this magic numbers game, we announce this news today.  But in true Godel style we are not going to confine ourselves to just one day but instead we plan to celebrate this all year long.

Over the coming months we will reminisce together about our history; Godel Team’s life stories, exciting facts and key challenges which finally turned into a great experience, and of course celebrate this momentous achievement together.

We start by congratulating everyone involved: stay with us and follow the news!