DESCRIPTION is one of the UK’s leading careers marketplaces, connecting people to a world of career opportunities online. Founded in 1995, features job vacancies from companies and recruiters throughout the UK. The site is also home to over 70,000 courses and hundreds of thousands of readers turn to its career advice site every month for expert tips and advice. had ambitious plans to achieve a number of initiatives and strategic goals and was looking for a reliable partner with broad capabilities, architectural skills and established processes to accelerate the delivery of their products.


  • DevOps
    Software Development


  • .NET


  • Professional Services

Dedicated Team

  • Managed Augmentation

Duration Of Project

  • 5+

Godel Technologies and

Thomas Sampson

Director of Technology

Joshua Frank

Senior Delivery Manager

CASE STUDY partnered with Godel in 2017 to help increase capacity, flexibility and resource for various areas of the business to improve the overall experience for’s customers.


“From the beginning, it was very clear how on board Godel were which has allowed the partnership to evolve. I’ve always liked the one-team approach, where the Godel and engineers are all part of the same team. Godel has regularly brought expertise to the team meaning it’s become a strong partnership rather than just a third-party support for our business.” Thomas Sampson, Director of Technology


The Godel team have regularly demonstrated skills where their engineers have assisted in various areas for, and as a result, have grown the partnership – which over the last few years has nearly doubled in size. Godel has shared resources and expertise and supported the scaling of projects and initiatives that wanted to deliver.


“I think for me, the partnership’s success comes down to the commitment of the people. The team is always embedded in our strategy and aligned with what we’re doing. You feel like the Godel guys commit to the success of the business and work to do what they can to invest in that and bring it forward together”, continued Thomas.



Throughout the partnership, the Godel team have been involved in multiple projects such as performing technical transformation and new feature development for their main products. Which also included implementing award-winning new mobile applications for Android and iOS following a complete rebranding exercise. The Godel team have also supported with one of their latest projects, the performance initiative.


“We decided to build our own performance platform, so we got in touch with Godel to grow the partnership as we wanted to expand our team and technical support. The teams embedded well together, and we’ve been able to build our new performance platform – it’s been one of the best success stories that we’ve had over the past two years.” Joshua Frank, Senior Delivery Manager


Looking to the future, the partnership will continuously support new and exciting features to existing platforms with ambitious plans for new projects and technologies such as AI tools.


“From a jobseeker perspective, we’ve got a fantastic AI team who are doing some really exciting things by providing more relevant and suitable recommendations to candidates. AI is prominent within the industry right now, so it is important to navigate towards the right solution for our users.” Thomas Sampson, Director of Technology



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