provides intuitive solutions to the FinTech and financial services sector. They have selected Godel as their nearshore software development partner to help them succeed and deliver change at pace.

The disruptive technology company based in Cumbria provides their services to numerous household comparison sites. Their highly skilled cross-functional teams work successfully to deliver the very best solutions.

Discussing the challenge to recruit experienced developers in the UK, Adam Vaughan, IT Director at already had Godel in mind when deciding to seek a nearshore partner.

“Our location isn’t renowned as a tech hub, so it can be challenging to find enough qualified developers to meet our demand, so we proceeded to broaden our options outside of local recruitment and look for a nearshore partner. As an IT Director, I would continuously hear good feedback about the relationship Godel has with external parties on a tech basis and were always mentioned in a positive light, this immediately makes the decision process a lot easier.”

It’s reported that the UK is experiencing a national skill shortage of qualified developers. However, a recent survey claims nearly half of IT workers said their company is actively recruiting candidates for tech-based roles, putting more pressure on businesses and the challenge to recruit for these roles.

Adam continues: “ has a good company ethos where once we secure talented staff, we generally keep them. The core is that we find the right people with genuine enthusiasm – you can teach skills, but you can’t teach attitude. From the initial set up meetings and interactions with Godel, we feel as though they share the same beliefs – making them the perfect cultural fit for us and cemented that we have made the right choice.”

The initial team for will be based in Lodz, Poland to augment the current in-house team in the UK. The teams will be working on a number of exciting technical projects and strategic initiatives which will be met with more development resource.

“It would be frustrating for us to pass on opportunities due to resource challenges. Our current in-house team do a phenomenal job, but the size doesn’t allow us to meet the demand for our growth plans – this is where the Godel team will have the most impact. We believe joining forces with Godel will allow us to change the tech landscape of our market, fully exploring and exploiting those opportunities.”

Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer at Godel said: “The surge in demand for skilled developers means there is more pressure to recruit for these roles. I am delighted has chosen Godel as their nearshore software development partner to work with their talented in-house team to deliver exciting opportunities and change the marketplace.”