In April earlier this year, Godel officially opened their Łódź office. In the short amount of time, they have already cemented themselves as a key player in an already established development community in the city.

As a result of continued growth, Godel is delighted to have held their recent press conference in Łódź, Poland to discuss the success and future plans of their latest geographical location.

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Despite the challenges which the COVID pandemic presented, Godel have excelled their initial expectations as they have now grown to over 150 engineers in Łódź coming from various technological backgrounds.

Sylwia Skorupka, TA Manager at Godel Łódź said “Having lots of enthusiastic people onboard gives Godel a terrific opportunity to constantly broaden our horizons of knowledge and develop professionally across various areas.”

Due to the excelled growth and recognition in Poland, Godel was also pleased to announce that they plan to expand further by opening a second office in Wroclaw. Andrew Afansenko, Chief Operating Officer at Godel said “This incredible opportunity will place Godel in the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland and in the heart of an IT market that is constantly growing.

The journey we have been on in Łódź has been incredible, we are so thankful for the support from the Townhall, the community and of course, our new recruits.” – Neil McMurdo, Chief Executive Officer at Godel.

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