In 2021 Godel’s first Lithuania location opened in Vilnius. Today, the team has grown to 22 employees, mainly IT professionals with various skills in JavaScript, .Net, Mobile, Java, PHP and more. With an increased demand in the IT market in Lithuania, Godel has goals to hire more people in the future.

Looking to grow the team and location’s brand awareness, Dmitrij Saveljev recently joined the Vilnius team as Talent Acquisition Manager. In the short time he has been there, Dmitrij has already made a positive impact using his years of experience, looking to evolve the location’s success further. As Dmitrij explains below.

“I have more than 3 years’ experience in recruitment working within sales, logistics, administrative and finance roles. I was excited to move into software development as the type of roles in this sector can be quite broad, so it makes the process more interesting. I see that my past experience working in the field of HR will help to grow the Godel office here and build our culture altogether. What I enjoy most about talent acquisition is the building process and having the opportunity to watch the team grow.

When joining Godel, I knew it was a fantastic opportunity to gain experience working in the IT sector. I have been busy establishing my role here and getting involved with onboarding and meeting lots of great people in the team and remotely in our other Godel locations. I’ve even had the opportunity to meet people in-person, considering the ongoing Covid-situation.

My goal in 2022 is to focus on recruitment and get involved in the hiring process for a number of tech roles from junior to leading roles. Another area of attention is to work with PR to increase Lithuania’s Godel brand awareness.

From my first day meeting the team, I immediately saw the positive culture amongst the staff. I believe the ‘Godel culture’ is heavily driven across all locations as you see first-hand the increased motivation, communication and positive outcomes it creates as a result for both the team and our clients.

What I am looking forward to the most is finding the right people who can help build a culture together. We hope to find people who have an interest in multiple responsibilities and a passion for learning various roles, not just look for a particular project, so an element of flexibility is required. We know that if we can find good candidates, we should take that opportunity.

Right now, there are a lot of start-ups in Vilnius. The number of start-ups in the capital has more than doubled over the last decade to 1000 and there are now over 200 Fintech’s operating there, making it the 2nd largest Fintech hub in Europe. The IT market in Vilnius is rapidly growing with a lot of need right now for skilled IT people.

I believe the biggest focus for 2022 is continuing to build our reputation in Vilnius. It’s important we bolster the company’s reputation and our strong culture, which I feel will ultimately be one of the key reasons people decide to join Godel.”