Reverse Augmentation

Highly skilled resources embedded into your existing in-house team to help increase the velocity, frequency and quality of your software delivery

How Does It Work?

Adopting the “one team approach” mindset, embed high performing, agile developers and testers into your existing in-house team to develop the most effective and efficient delivery model.

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Your Processes

Combined with best practice to develop the most effective and efficient delivery model​

Admin Fuctions

Provided by Godel to track the overall engagement and delivery

Ideal Introduction

To a dedicated team, allowing Godel to understand and build the core team

Sourcing Talent

As the world faces new realities, businesses race to evolve using tech and conquer in an already challenging tech landscape.


With recruiting internally becoming increasingly challenging and the demand to scale and deliver resources quickly now even more urgent, many are turning to Godel to help fulfil their growing requirements and provide a lead of tech skills to bridge an ever-disruptive UK tech skills gap.


Our reverse augmented team offering is a tried and tested model which allows clients to supplement their existing in-house teams with skilled resources from Godel. Our highly performant team members possess vast expertise in agile consulting, continuous delivery, business analysis, software engineering, quality assurance, digital and business intelligence, combining your existing processes with best practice to develop the most effective and efficient delivery model.


Find out how we embed high performing, agile, nearshore developers and testers into your existing in-house team


Discover how team management collaboration ensures both parties look to build an overall “one team” view

One Team Approach Mindset

Reverse augmented team teams are the ideal introduction to a dedicated team, allowing Godel to understand your domain and build the core team.


Godel team members embed into your existing in-house teams, often across multiple streams/product teams. We fully adhere to your processes and standards with the Godel team centred around your tech leads whilst being supported by the Godel Agile Delivery Coordinator and people partners.


At Godel we have developed an on-boarding process which allows your Godel team members to build up knowledge of your systems, your business domain and your overall mission very quickly. Our ability to digest information is one of our family’s strengths, with this having been highlighted consistently within client feedback sessions.


We recognise it is of utmost importance that your Godel team members become part of your own in-house delivery team, rather than acting as a third party organisation. In doing this, it removes the barriers normally identified when trying to run distributed agile, which allows the joint ‘one team’ to focus on delivery.


Teams are also brought together in a variety of softer ways. Softer elements such as ‘Release Parties’, ‘Team Bonding’, ‘Cultural Workshops’ and team member visits to each location – all of which allow the communication gaps to be bridged to ensure that the team members build a positive relationship with each other.

How Is Team Management Handled?

The management of the team members is done in collaboration with our clients in order to ensure both parties look to build an overall “one team” view.


Once we have been through a successful on-boarding process and we have defined the metrics involved in the measurement of teams, our team are fully focused and accountable for the measurement and management of performance and retention.


Everyday stand up’s, regular reviews and retrospectives around performance take place in order to polish the delivery process and ensure there is clarity every step of the way. Reporting is also set in place to ensure that there is visibility around delivery and performance.


Our approach to this has been honed over many years in working with clients and you can be sure that your team members will feel empowered, measured and that there is a commitment to deliver the level of quality and the bar you set of your own in-house team members.


Godel team members can fully adapt to your existing in-house process and usage of tools (Jira, Azure DevOps, Slack, Teams, etc.) in order to ensure that the process of introducing our team members is as seamless as possible for your own team.

Long-term partnerships, built on trust

We partner with some of the UK’s leading household names to extend their development capacity

Case Studies

What our clients say

Our Collaboration with Godel is the Ideal Strategic Partnership

“Our collaboration with Godel is the ideal strategic partnership; it supports our growth by allowing us to get new developments and products to market faster whilst increasing our software quality. At First Utility we are continually looking at ways in which we can put our customers first and ways in which we can cut costs to keep more money in their pockets”.

Keith Sterling | Head of Software Development