Quality Management

Our Quality Management
team utilisie their experience
to cover a wide spectrum of manual and automated, functional and non-functional testing

Our Key Competencies in Quality Management

Godel’s quality management division houses exceptional talent who are passionate about verifying and validating the functionality of each and every project to ensure successful software delivery that is aligned with your business objectives.
Our experts hold vast experience in utilising the leading testing tools, whilst leveraging our proven QA methodology, enabling clients to obtain a smarter, more efficient approach to testing.
Possessing all the skills to deliver the products successfully in the era of technical Agile, our talented QM specialists are able to engage with you to ensure a high quality of your products at any stage of development, as well as enable faster releases via integrating automated testing into Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipelines.

Improve Quality

Shape or adjust QA Strategy and Test Approach for various solutions

Introduce or Adjust Test Automation

Develop frameworks, tools and practices for automated testing, integrate into CI/CD

Provide Wide Spectrum of Testing

Exectute Functional and Non-functional testing types (Performance, Vulnerability...)

Ensure Quality at Every Stage of SDLC

Play a quality advocate role throughout the software development lifecycle

Incorporate Quality Mindset

Promote Quality Mindset into the Teams and coach them to follow QA Strategy

Continuous Improvement

Analyse current Quality status and apply Process and Test Approach improvements

What Does QA Strategy Mean for Godel?

Nowadays, the world of Quality Assurance has been changing, and we aim to be progressive looking at products from different angles.
Besides testing, Godel QM Engineers analyse all stages of SDLC as well as delivery approach, processes, approaches within development and operations, business analysis and management from a quality point of view.
When Godel QM Engineers start new engagements, they adopt to the partner's ways of working and either build from scratch or inherit the existing QA strategy depending on what's already in place.

Focusing on Business Needs

We get the clear uderstanding of the product, its values, conditions, limitations, etc.

Building the Relevant Solution

We outline the scope to apply appropriate test types, proper QA techniques, tools into SDLC

Defining the Quality Roadmap

We analyse where we are at quality goals and compare with where we want to be

Est. 2012

The Division has been founded


Quality service roles


Experts in the QM Division

Up to 10

Learning programs in the Division

The Culture of Quality

Today, quality management is considered an essential part of business strategy. Ideally, this is at a business level, with quality as a culture embedded across the whole company. In the technology function, quality management playing a cross-functional role that is responsible for ensuring the whole team upholds software quality is the ideal approach. Reaching this level of quality management isn’t without its challenges on levels of people, process, and technology.


There are other approaches which can assist you in the rapid delivery and release of software, however we believe a ‘belt and braces’ approach greatly increases your chance of achieving a successful release first time and mitigates the risk of letting your clients down: something no organisation can afford to do.


Find out how our quality management engineers can help you to ensure quality from the very beginning till the end of SDLC including production support phase.


Our methodology is tailored to the status of each project we encounter and upon engagement, our QM division will utilise a comprehensive set of metrics to evaluate various quality aspects not only the quality of the final product but also the quality of the whole process undertaken to deliver the end result.


QM engineers help to define the scope of work on the requirement clarification stages. They participate in Refinement, 3 Amigo sessions and requirements analysis. Based on the product roadmap they set up the testing approach, test documentation and reporting procedures, as well as execute the agreed test types, plan and estimate, manage their workload aligned with team capacity.
The important thing to mention is they look at each product increment retrospectively and suggest improvements in terms of quality practices, analyse the state of the whole project, monitor and report the quality status at every stage and support releases.


At Godel we understand the challenges facing your organisation, both in the actual QM process and also in your budget limitations. In order to address those needs we have developed a number of approaches that add value to the process whilst supporting organisations with their vital need to deliver high quality products.


Discover our quality service roles to involve which can help to ensure quality in an effective way aligned with your business needs and product roadmap.


Quality Management strive to deliver a high quality products utilising all required skills via the following roles:


Quality Coach: shapes a QA Strategy with a balanced approach to manual and automated testing, promotes a quality mindset into teams


QA: Ensures Quality of the product via applying different manual testing types with the strong technical focus inside the solution


Test Architect: Shapes QA Strategy with the focus on technical foundation, tools & practices for Testing Automation


SDET: Executes Testing Automation including performance, vulnerability and static code analysis testing


Visit our technology pages to get a detailed understanding of our software development skills. If there is something specific you are looking for that we haven’t mentioned, please do contact us and ask. Given the pace of change in our industry, it’s an impossible task to keep these pages up to date!

Dzmitry Mikhailouski

Head of Quality Management Division

"Our division solves clients’ problems from a Quality Management perspective. We create environments and infrastructure for testing complex systems and advocate for quality during all stages of development. Quality Management is carried out via double force: SDETs and QAs that empower each other. QM engineers work on things that are passionate about, so they do their best work."

What our clients say

Very Close and Honest Relationship with Godel

“We have a very close and honest relationship with Godel which is serving us well – we don’t tell the team what to do, we very much take their suggestions and adopt them as best practice in some cases – they challenge us every step of the way”.

Scott Christie | Group Chief Technology Officer

Our Collaboration with Godel is the Ideal Strategic Partnership

“Our collaboration with Godel is the ideal strategic partnership; it supports our growth by allowing us to get new developments and products to market faster whilst increasing our software quality. At First Utility we are continually looking at ways in which we can put our customers first and ways in which we can cut costs to keep more money in their pockets”.

Keith Sterling | Head of Software Development

We Were Able to Get an Engineering Team with the Right Skills We Needed

"We looked at the option of offshoring and using an engineering arm of another business and we came across Godel. An advantage of this was that we were able to get an engineering team with the right skills we needed, at the speed we needed. I was doubtful how many other people could achieve that".

Jon Cleaver | Chief Technology Officer

Extra Flexibility Across All Aspects of Quality Assurance

“Working with Godel has given us the extra flexibility across all aspects of quality assurance. They have helped us when we have needed people, and the resources they have provided have helped us to not only improve our products but given us the extra man-power to meet tight deadlines”.

Dave Beck | Test Manager

Long-term partnerships, built on trust

We partner with some of the UK’s leading household names to extend their development capacity