Platform Engineering

Godel’s excellence drives from being a DevOps-led company, not just a company with DevOps skills

Our Expertise in DevOps and Cloud

Design and Develop Infrastructure in:

- Microsoft Azure
- Amazon AWS

Implement Infrastructure as a Code

- Repeatable infrastructure
- Terraform, ARM, Cloudformation

Implement Solutions with

- Serverless approach
- Containers management
- Virtual machines

Setup of Operation Process

- Logging, monitoring, alerting - Cost, capacity management - Incident management

Security Implementation

- Least privileges, encryption
- Security audit and analysis
- Regulatory standards

On premise and hybrid setup

- On premise + cloud
hybrid setup


The introduction of CD/CI is now commonplace amongst respected industry figures and Godel recommend the introduction of this process into all of our clients’ software delivery process.
Check here the benefits of the introduction of CI/CD.

Solid Working Foundation

Establish a solid working foundation for software releases

Risk Reduction

Reduce the risk involved with integration of new product features

Early Issues Identification

Identify issues earlier in the process before your customers do!

Focus on New Features

Focus more time on the development of new features

Save Your Time

Reduce the time spent fixing bugs

Successful Release

Remove the need for you to cross your fingers for a successful release

Fast Action to Your Customers

Demonstrate fast action to your customers

Est. 2017

The year the division has been founded


Engineers across
5 delivery locations


Engagements of different
size and complexity


Technical Certificates



DevOps is a set of practices and skills that help business to evolve quickly in the modern era. It’s the combination of software development skills and set practices for running and maintaining a solution without an impact on business availability for clients, the company, employees and partners.


Continuous Delivery can aid businesses allowing them to be proactive and reactive to competitor progression or customer needs. Through frequent, high quality software releases, continuous delivery enables an organisations software, application or product to absorb the latest user feedback or required changes and make the improvements for users and rapidly release to the market.


The cloud is increasingly at the core of every organisation’s delivery, enabling and making them ‘digitally native’ businesses. Every company, no matter how old or in which industry it operates, will have digital delivery at its heart in order to grow and prosper in line with demand.


Using the microservices architecture, Godel helps its clients breathe new life into legacy applications to deliver the speed and agility required for rapid growth.


For many of our clients, we have helped redevelop their mission critical legacy systems and make them cloud-ready.

Monolithic to Microservices

Using the microservices architecture, Godel helps its clients breathe new life into legacy applications to deliver the speed and agility required for rapid growth.


We take apart monolithic applications breaking them down into smaller microservices, re-engineering them as a suite of independently deployable modular services which, when put together, work to serve a business goal.


Re-architecting systems in this way means that continuous improvement and integration of software is easier to achieve – constantly improving each microservice and, by default, the sum of their parts. Rather than delivering software updates annually as a ‘bells and whistles’ launch, software is updated constantly without customers even noticing.


For many of our clients, we have helped redevelop their mission critical legacy systems and make them cloud-ready. Financial services firm Experian took steps with Godel to move its three main applications to the cloud: Experian Business Express, My Business Profile and Web Admin, fully re-architecting them by moving them onto the Microsoft Azure platform.


Cloud Infrastructure and support Godel works in partnership with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud to deliver cloud infrastructure as a service (IAAS) for clients. Where applications have been migrated or built by the Godel team, we also offer 24×7 after care support.


Visit our technology pages to get a detailed understanding of our technical skills.

If there is something specific you are looking for that we haven’t mentioned, please do contact us and ask. Given the pace of change in our industry, it’s an impossible task to keep these pages up to date!

Andrei Kachan

Head of DevOps Division

"The demand for DevOps services has risen steadily over the years, which has meant we have scaled and also expanded our service offering to cover DevOps from new perspectives. Our expertise provides clients with a fast route to essential DevOps skills, whilst transforming their business into a cloud-native agile journey."

What our clients say

We Pride Ourselves on Our Technical Ability and We Didn’t Want to Dilute That

"We are a software company, so one of the key things we were looking for was people that understand software. One of the key things we were looking for when we began talking with Godel Technologies 10 years ago was technical excellence. We pride ourselves on our technical ability and we didn’t want to dilute that".

Steve Piper | Chief Operating Officer

Long-term partnerships, built on trust

We partner with some of the UK’s leading household names to extend their development capacity