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Create a dedicated delivery capability consisting of cross-functional resources to become an extension of your in-house delivery teams

How Does It Work?

Dedicated team capability consisting of cross-functional resources to become an extension of your in-house delivery teams.

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Cross-functional team configured around your needs

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The growing evolution of tech means businesses want to scale rapidly. If coupled with a growing struggle to hire due to the never-ending tech skills gap means businesses must look for a long-term solution to scale successfully.


Whether it’s a case of extending the tech team to develop a new project or expanding a product capability, choosing to work with Godel and their dedicated team will give businesses access to readily skilled developers without compromising on the quality of work, in essence plugging the gap by scaling up.


Learn how a Godel team can embed into your organisation as a separate, permanent, cross-functional delivery team.


Discover how your dedicated team will deliver your requirements with a high level of quality through collaborative management.

What is a Dedicated Team?

Godel’s dedicated team offering is a tried and tested model which allows clients to source a managed team from Godel that has all required skills to deliver the work for a client, to embed into their organisation as a separate, permanent, cross-functional delivery team which can take on the delivery of mission-critical projects and self-manage them through to successful completion.


Clients choose this model to leverage the right level of talent quickly within a pre-formed team to progress into a delivery plan, which can normally be established far more quickly than in-house internal recruitment teams can muster. In the long-term, the team is also far more cost effective than in-house recruitment which goes towards helping clients manage their department costs, without compromising quality.

How Do You Manage a Dedicated Team?

Dedicated teams are put together with a number of things considered by Godel such as skills, experience, maturity, retention potential and culture.


The management of the dedicated team is carried out in close collaboration with our clients, who are heavily involved in identifying and meeting the most suitable team members put forward for their dedicated team.


Once the team is in place and we have been through a successful on-boarding process, understanding the client’s business and mission along with the timescales and requirements, we then look to define the metrics involved, with future reporting around team performance being aligned with this.


Godel’s leadership team are also involved to ensure that engagements are on track and that both the client and their Godel dedicated team identify ways of continuous improvement.


Our approach to this has been honed over many years in working with clients and you can be sure that your dedicated team will feel empowered and measured and that there is a commitment to deliver your requirements with a high level of quality.

Long-term partnerships, built on trust

We partner with some of the UK’s leading household names to extend their development capacity

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“Godel write a good code and we can trust them to deliver. We also like that they don`t try to be the biggest, but try to be the best, just like we do”.

David Petronzio | Head of Development