In July, Godel kicked off the summer social season as we hosted a BBQ event at the Bruntwood NEO building, home of Godel’s Manchester HQ.

There was no better opportunity to host an in-person event with attendees including Godel’s Northern partners and some of the most innovative businesses in the UK. Attendees were treated to an evening of delicious food, networking and live music from The Casuals.

The Lifecycle of a Data Team

The evening was kickstarted with a special talk from Jason Welch, Head of Data and Analytics at musicMagpie, who spoke about ‘The Lifecycle of a Data Team’. Jason shared a few thoughts on his experience of working with high-performing data teams and talking to groups who have experienced similar lifecycles. He discussed 3 stages of the lifecycle which are “Born, Live, Death”.

Jason shared experiences of going on this lifecycle journey. He recalled a time where the sales and marketing team wanted to get more value out of their data and was left fishing in a data swamp. He noted the act of tidying up a data swamp is how a lot of data teams are born.

Next, the data team will look at and start exploring why is there a data swamp. “Data stack is a large representation of reality.” The data team will begin building solutions for data engineering issues, bearing in mind that software doesn’t matter in this process. It’s important to emphasise to the business that you need to get value out of the data team.

Jason concludes the talk about the end stages of the lifecycle. The team will look at working on ways of abstracting the data and changing the role, with analytics and ML experts no longer in the data team. The abstraction method is something that’s event driven. Ultimately, working with big organisations on data mesh has changed the way teams work.

Thanks to the Godel team for a fantastic evening at the latest Godel event. Really enjoyed the speaker and an evening filled with interesting conversations, whilst enjoying the great band and hog roast! 

Thank you to everyone who supported and attended the Godel Summer Social BBQ and a big thank you to our partners. The evening brought some insightful conversations and relationship building that will continue long after the event.