Riviera Travel has chosen Godel as its nearshore software development partner to rapidly scale its in-house development capabilities, swelling the team by over 50% initially to deliver the expansion required.

Riviera requires the ability to easily scale up and down in the future in line with demand for its travel services, to drive efficiency and ultimately deliver fast growth.

“It’s a challenge finding resources – especially of the quality required to help with the volume of software projects we have going on at any one time – Godel has a track record of working closely with the some of the UK’s largest travel brands and that gave me the reassurance that they could do the job,” explains Tim Mahoney, Head of IT, Riviera.

With experience of working with other offshore development companies in more distant time-zones, Riviera was encouraged that Godel provides a nearshore option, providing access to the entire Godel development team, not just a project manager, and its management team based in the UK.

“There’s a high level of contact between my in-house team and the Godel team – with every member of the team, which makes a huge difference – we’re much more in tune with each other,” explains Tim Mahoney.

“It also makes a difference that I can escalate any issue to a UK based management team and that it’s a ‘joined-up’ solution for us.”

Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel said: “Our experience in the travel market is extensive helping companies like Jet2 and Virgin Holidays – we’re pleased to add Riviera to that list.”

“Development teams have to be able to scale with the demands of the business or they risk holding an organisation back – we put the user at the heart of our development and provide the skills to meet customer expectations.”

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