Godel DevOps Engineer Ihar Leuchanka has been shortlisted at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards, in the Rising Star of the Year category. The awards recognise DevOps excellence across individuals, teams, organisations and projects. Ihar is in a category of five Rising Star engineers.

Ihar joined Godel in December 2018 with no specific DevOps experience, and so immediately dived into intensive DevOps training, with mentoring from his colleagues and reading many materials over the winter. Ihar is a fast learner: after just two months, Godel’s Head of DevOps asked him to join a Godel client engagement to apply his skills.

For this client Ihar continued to quickly learn new tools and technologies such as Azure Kubernetes Services, Octopus Deploy, Terraform and TeamCity. Alongside this he applied his existing skillset, leadership, communication and problem solving derived from his previous roles and university education as a translator.

As a result of Ihar’s work, the client has a production infrastructure with the portal and many of its online services fully migrated to it. The knowledge Ihar shared was so valuable to the client that he was invited to their UK office for a week to provide their team with advanced training on all the above, so their in-house team can apply DevOps technologies and practices to wider projects in the future.

Ihar told us how he felt about the achievement. “Despite my humanitarian education I’ve always dreamed to become an engineer.  For me this dream came true about a year ago when I joined Godel team and was given an opportunity to try myself as a DevOps engineer. 

I am really excited to know that I’ve been shortlisted for this award and this stimulates me to go above and beyond growing as a professional! Also, I can’t but express my sincere appreciation to wonderful Godel team who believed in me, support me and gave me this awesome experience!”

Aside from client engagements – Ihar has joined Godel’s Education function to help staff learn quickly key DevOps skills. He developed a course for Godel newcomers; a series of labs on all major technologies and tools a DevOps engineer needs to know. His course is based around the Kanban model; each trainee has daily stand-up meetings with his mentor, adds tickets to a board, and makes demos at the end.

“Ihar has so many qualities that are great. His experience in language and people management, and then he is an exceptionally quick learner and an innovative, curious person.” ­– Sergey Sverchkov, Head of DevOps, Godel Technologies.