Python Technologies

  • Programming Languages:

    Python 2.x, 3.x

  • Frameworks:

    FastAPI, Django, Django REST framework, Flask, Connexion

  • Data Analysis:

    Matplotlib, NumPy, Pandas

  • Concurrency:

    Eventlet, gevent, asyncio

  • Workflow management:

    Apache Airflow

  • Virtualization:

    Docker, Kubernetes

  • Databases:

    RethinkDB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Big Query, DynamoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, MongoDB

  • DB migration tools:

    Flask-Migrate, SQLAlchemy Migrate, Alembic

  • Data Validation:



  • ORM:


  • Cloud сomputing:

    Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

  • ALM Software:

    Jira, Microsoft Azure DevOps, GitHub, GitLab, ClickUp

  • Development tools, IDEs:

    JetBrains PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, Jupiter

  • Test:

    pytest, Tox, Unittest, Locust, behave, Pact

  • Continuous Integration:

    Jenkins, GitLab CI/DC, GitHub Actions

  • Dependency management:

    Pipenv, Poetry

  • Static code analyzer:

    Pylint, MyPy

  • Code formatter:

    Black, Autopep8, YAPF

  • Web server:

    Uvicorn, aiohttp, gunicorn

Godel’s respectable Python division made up of talented back-end developers who have the experience to deliver software that meet your digital requirements.

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