Based in the Isle of Man, is one of Europe’s fastest-growing technology and telecommunications businesses. Established in 2014, the team revolutionised the mobile industry with the introduction of its technology-led approach to business communications. Today, they’ve set the industry standard with my.plan, the ultimate connectivity platform, helping businesses to connect, configure and control all of their mobile and office-based connectivity in one place.

Prior to 2020, most of their employees worked from their Douglas based headquarters, with only their UK based sales team working remotely on the road. Fast forward to 2021, and like many businesses, has now worked remotely for almost a year due to the pandemic and chose to partner with Godel Technologies to help innovate their future development plans during this time.

Chad Willard, Head of Operations at explains that the pandemic gave them the opportunity to experience the benefits of remote working and to see how this could accelerate their success.

“We immediately saw that a remote set up had no negative impact on the productivity of our team, and so I knew that with the right partner we could continue to build on this way of working. I have worked with software partners previously, so had a good idea of how a successful set up could look. I envisioned one integrated, cooperative and interdependent team, working towards one common goal, fully focused and committed to the project.”

This was an essential element. attributes its success to date to its innovative and agile way of working but this pace of development can sometimes be difficult to maintain when external parties are involved. So, what was it that influenced them to select Godel out of the companies that were shortlisted? To put it bluntly – their commitment.

Chad explained: “Godel’s commitment to their clients, through innovation and reliability is what set them apart. I favoured Godel because of how responsive and transparent they were to any queries or concerns raised. Additionally, talking to some of Godel’s current clients gave us confidence in their way of working and highlighted that they could fulfil their promise, to build a refined, mature development strategy suitable for guiding towards continued success.”

A further reason for’s partnership with Godel was to fulfil their commitment to technology and innovation, as this would enable them to continue to strengthen and grow as a business.

2020 saw release a revolutionary product for their industry – ‘my.plan’. Despite the success of the platform so far, the business has an ambitious roadmap of new ideas and functionality which they are keen to implement. Working with the team at Godel will provide access to additional expertise and resource needed to do this, quickly and efficiently.’s proposition has played a vital role in keeping businesses throughout the UK connected during the pandemic, and the team is confident that Godel will support them as they continue to develop and refine their product and service range in 2021.

Speaking on the partnership, Paul Green, COO at Godel says “We are excited to welcome as a client. It’s an organisation which is truly ‘ahead of the game’ and has already made ground-breaking changes within their sector. We can’t wait to help them to take ‘my.plan’ to the next level.”