You can read the whitepaper, “The Product Mindset Philosophy”, here.

Software engineering culture is so much more than simply writing good code. Ultimately software must deliver on the company’s goals and drive revenues – or it’s failing you. This is where a product mindset plays a role. it’s a key differentiator that shifts a perfect piece of software into being a business asset.

Mindset sounds incredibly intangible, but championed correctly as a philosophy, it becomes measurable in the difference it makes to what’s delivered to the client, to the user experience and to your bottom line.

The Product Mindset Philosophy 1

Download this whitepaper to learn how Godel has fostered a product mindset since it was founded and educated its people on the philosophy during rapid divisional growth.

Topics include:

  • What is the product mindset?
  • How to think product: from idea to delivery
  • Godel’s product development journey
  • Case study: developing a digital automotive product for a new market