Godel, a leading agile software development expert, have been selected by NJW Limited as its strategic software development partner.

NJW is an established company which provides services and technology solutions for organisations around property, FM and workplace. Its web-based solutions provide critical insight, allowing clients to optimise their portfolio, facilities management services, energy consumption and much more.

Godel work in partnership with a large number of independent software vendors (ISVs) as well as also possessing an unrivalled reputation within the facilities management industry and these were two of the reasons which attracted the interest of NJW.

Kevin Fitzpatrick, COO at NJW explains the reasons for choosing Godel –
“We have been securing new and existing client wins with our market leading solutions. During the times when we are on-boarding new clients, our in-house team were finding it challenging to manage spikes in demand, so we carried out a vigorous investigation to identify a software partner, who could provide us with additional talented resources, but also shared the same vision for delivering quality as ourselves.”

In utilising agile as its development process, NJW were keen to identify a partner who were comfortable working in this manner.

Kevin continued, “At NJW our development team work in an agile manner, and so it was important for us to introduce a partner who would be able to work fluidly in this and add value to the process. Godel’s extended software development team work core UK working hours which means our co-located Scrum team can hold daily stand up meetings between Newbury and Godel at convenient times which ensures that the team feel very much like one single team.  Being able to call upon Godel to obtain additional resource helps us to cope with demands of our clients and ensure that we retain our highly regarded reputation. What we really appreciate is the cultural fit between both organisations. We share a passion for delivering innovative solutions in a creative way. Though the Godel team are virtual team members, working using video and collaboration tools, they are seen as no different to Newbury based staff”

Neil Turvin, CEO at Godel commented,

“The economy has improved a great deal and clients are making decisions quicker, which means partners are able to move faster and make faster decisions too. As more businesses look to external partners to fulfil skilled resource gaps, there are many reasons Godel are beating off competiton from larger outsourcers and its testament to the uniques of our model and the quality of our work that led NJW to work with us. We are looking forward to a long a successful relationship with them.”