Why finding the right people for Godel is about more than just tech skills.

Having worked in recruitment for the past 8 years, it was clear to see why Anna Porebska has been appointed as Talent Acquisition Manager in Godel’s newest location in Wroclaw, Poland. In the short amount of time Anna has been at Godel, she has strong ideas about what she hopes to achieve in her new role and why Wroclaw is the ideal choice as Godel’s second polish location, as Anna explains below.

The last 6 years of my career have prominently been in IT where I initially started working in recruitment agencies. I decided to switch to internal recruitment where I developed my strong background in HR, branding and support. My ambition was to work within software delivery to gain a new perspective on the industry and broaden my knowledge on the types of candidates that would be suitable for these roles. My background being a mix of HR and recruitment allows me to support the candidates from the initial interview process to onboarding new employees when they start.

What I am most excited about as TA Manager is being able to concentrate on finding the right people for Godel. A key element of this is about hiring the best talent to bolster the Godel team. However, it’s not all about tech skills – but also about helping to establish our culture. It’s important for us to focus on finding people who are open to change and will learn by experience, so an element on flexibility is required. We want to hire people who are keen to develop, not only in the case of technical skills, but also other functions that Godel can offer to support with.

Right now, I think in one of the biggest challenges in Wroclaw is attrition. As a result of the pandemic, people can now work remotely in different countries, so expectations are very high. Another challenge we are facing is we have a low amount of people with a specific skill set which makes it hard to recruit for specific roles. Of course, the market is constantly changing and as people are introduced into new technologies, I have a feeling more job opportunities will become available.

In terms of opportunity, Wroclaw has lots to offer. It is the fourth largest metropolitan area in Poland, with approximately 112,000 students, and as many as 15,000 studying IT-related faculties. I feel the IT market is growing here due to having great developers that have a fantastic mix of communication and technical skills.

Wroclaw is known as the Silicon Valley of Poland with over 30,000 IT specialists in the area and opportunities coming from big organisations that can employ a lot of people, with a large percentage of them working in IT departments for those companies.

We hope to select our new office in Wroclaw soon as this will help us to establish some kind of working culture. This will allow us to continue to cement Godel’s reputation in Poland after the growth success in our Lodz office which opened earlier this year. This is my main focus, alongside expanding our team and settling them into the new location. From my short time at Godel, I can already see the scope for development in other areas in addition to a person’s actual role. I am confident that my recruitment and HR experience and understanding about what will make a great fit at Godel will allow me to hire the right people, with the knowledge finding the right person is about more than just tech skills.