Belarus is now thirty days visa free

Belarus is extending visa-free travel for tourists from five to 30 days in order to attract more visitors to the former Soviet republic. A decree signed by President Alyaksandr Lukashenka entered into force in August 2018 and means that anyone visiting the country flying in and out of Minsk’s main airport can do so without a visa.

For Godel – a nearshore developer with five centres of excellence in four locations and over 500 developers based in Minsk, Brest, Gomel and Grodno the news is a welcome change. It further promotes the benefits of nearshoring with just a two hour time difference, direct flights from the UK and only 3 hours flight time.

“We take Godel’s clients to visit their nearshore software development teams in Belarus so this means we can travel freely on business without the need for extensive paperwork,” explains Paul Green, Chief Commercial Officer, Godel.

“From a company perspective it also means that it’s increasingly easy to do business in Minsk – our team in Manchester can visit the centres in Belarus for longer visa-free opening up the possibilities to doing business faster and more easily.”