Supporting Chernobyl Children

As part of its on going pledge to provide a monthly charitable donation to support the children and young adults charity ‘Chernobyl Children’, it’s been great to see that children at the Babitch orphanage and the Rechitsa boarding school have access to new computers and are putting them to good use. The charity provides a phenomenal support to children who have been badly affected by the nuclear disaster.

The charity was formed in the spring of 1995 when volunteers from the UK began to bring groups of Belarusian children who were badly affected by the Chernobyl Nuclear disaster for summer holiday’s to the UK. Since then, the organisation has continued to deliver ground-breaking work in Belarus creating a number of care centres for children and young adults with disabilities, employing care nurses and teachers for the centres, whilst continuing to sponsor visits for children and young adults to the UK.

Neil Turvin, CEO of Godel said: “The charity is incredibly worthwhile and I’m so pleased that the kids have a chance to learn about computers and play on them. It’s something most kids take for granted in the year 2017 – using iPhones and iPads – so it’s heartening to see.”

If you would like to learn more about the work of Chernobyl Children’s Project UK please visit their website;