Spring Visit to Spotify’s Swedish HQ

Known globally for not just for their music and video streaming service but for their autonomous work environment Spotify has become a brand which is familiar to most. Arguably Spotify have built one of the best engineering cultures in the world.

They started by dividing the engineering team into autonomous squads. Each squad has a start-up mentality with a unique long-term mission of their own choosing which works towards a shared company mission. This method boosts the creativity and employee satisfaction generating an outstanding productive team and a diverse set of agile practices and tools used across the organisation. Working in these smaller teams makes for quicker decision making increasing the flexibility to scale the companies’ operational processes.

Spotify’s relentless pursuit of agility has driven them to break many of the traditional rules of scrum and creates an entirely new agile practice –one which companies across the world are trying to introduce into their own engineering teams.

Kevin Goldsmith, VP of engineering at Spotify and Strategic Advisor at Godel is allowing a special group of people full access to Spotify’s Head office for a tech gathering. On the agenda is scaling agile, the history of squads and how Spotify have built their reputation as having the world’s best engineering culture.

The final preparations have been made and we are looking forward to welcoming attendees from UK organisation such as, Boden Clothing, Virgin Holidays,, BskyB, Manheim, and Hitachi Consulting to the beautiful city of Stockholm.

When we’ve hosted events with Kevin in the past the feedback has always been fantastic so we are looking forward to sharing the results with you over the coming weeks