Spaggetti select Godel as their strategic delivery partner

Godel have been selected by Spaggetti Ltd as their strategic software development partner.

Manchester based Spaggetti Ltd. is wholly owned and run by a team of experienced business technologists, who believe that, above all else, solutions and products need to be easy to use, cost effective and built rapidly in simple, manageable stages. This is achieved by utilising the Spaggetti SOA platform which integrates the user experience across mobile device and web based interfaces. The team prides itself on working with its’ customers and partners to deliver solutions that can quickly make a real difference.

Managing increased demand for their services meant that Spaggetti required additional development expertise and they chose Godel’s extended software development team approach in order to aid their delivery team.

Jon Holttum, Founder and Director at Spaggetti explains why:
“We needed to find a delivery partner with the same passion and ethos as our own team, with our eyes keen on not compromising the quality we provide our clients with. We were impressed with the team at Godel and their ability to be both commercially and technically flexible. It’s reassuring to know that their management and Directors are based in the UK, which sets them apart from other nearshorers and offshorers we spoke with as part of our partner identification process.”

Godel, who have recently reported significant investment of staff in its three offices have strengthened its position within the UK’s Independent Software Vendor market. Currently 36% of Godel’s revenue is generated from independent software vendors, and Neil Turvin CEO, says this will only increase.

“The recent growth at Godel has been impressive; in 2012 we increased staff by 30% and we saw our growth within the ISV market grow significantly again. At the moment, the market’s we are working with are not showing any slow down in terms of the so called recession and I can see a huge amount of growth in the UK software market, meaning young companies like Spaggetti are taking off and doing very well.”

Neil continues, “As confidence grows in the economy it will be exciting to see which new companies join this fast paced market.”