Sofia Recognised in the Тор 25 Тесh Сіtіеѕ оf thе Futurе 2021

Sofia has risen to the top of the annual ranking in the FDI Strategy category of fDi x TNW “Tech Cities of the Future 2021”. This year, the Bulgarian capital ranked 19th in the overall Top 25 Cities of the Future 2021, which is a growth on last year when it was ranked 20th.

The ranking celebrates the cities throughout Europe with the most promising prospects for start-up businesses, technology development and innovation.

When speaking previously to Konstantin Chorbadziyski, Head of Operations in Bulgaria, Sofia, he had firm beliefs as to why the Bulgarian IT market, especially in Sofia would grow. So, it’s no surprise when he heard about Sofia being named as a top 25 city of the future he was thrilled, as he explains below.

“Ultimately, this recognition shows that Sofia is a reputable destination for technology companies. It also highlights why companies should invest in Bulgaria – with its cost effectiveness and good infrastructure. Sofia is quickly becoming the best choice for technology companies and makes a good strategy for growing. And I don’t just mean tech companies – this strategy can be utilised in any company such as the car industry and financial services.

At Godel, we continue to grow our team in Sofia, we now have 12 people onboard and are still on target to reach 20 IT specialists by the end of the year as I am in talks with a pipeline of candidates who I know are going to be a great help to me both now and in the future. I hope, after 2-3 years to see Bulgaria in the top 10, which is not impossible.

I think Sofia’s high ranking will help with recruitment, as candidates will see a city that stands in the top 25 with thriving cities including London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Copenhagen and Berlin. It’s been a turbulent 18 months for recruitment due to the pandemic, so Sofia continuing to establish its development and growth speaks for itself really.

Going forward, if Bulgaria continues to grow in these kinds of rankings, it is only a matter of time before locations like Sofia become renowned as a thriving tech destination in Europe.”

Andrew Afansenko, Chief Operating Officer at Godel said. “I was not surprised to hear about Sofia’s excellent recognition. We did a lot of investigations into our new locations and Sofia was an obvious choice for us.”