Record year on year revenues for Godel as turnover increases 61% to over £6 million in first six months of FY2017

Godel, the nearshore software development company, has reported another year on year record turnover figure as revenues climbed to £6.1 million between January to June FY2017. This is a 61% increase in turnover from the same period last year when revenues reached over £3.8 million.

Godel continues to expand its business with many of its existing clients as the software development teams grow to meet market demands. In the first half of 2017, Godel has expanded existing teams and implemented new capabilities at,, Experian and Virgin as well as cementing new relationships with The White Company and

“We very quickly become part of our clients software development teams – working closely with the in-house teams – and far from finding that customers tell us what to do, we often suggest ways to do things that are adopted as best practice,” explains Neil Turvin, chief executive, Godel.

“It’s a time of huge digital change when businesses of all types in all markets are being driven by the need to move their operations to the cloud to take advantage of the benefits it brings: agility, scalability, cost benefits, innovation and business growth. That’s what Godel does best.”

In 2017/18 many growing organisations are addressing the challenge of taking apart legacy systems and transferring them over to the cloud. To do this, they must break them down into smaller microservices, re-engineering them as a suite of independently deployable modular services which, when put together, work to serve a business goal. Re-architecting systems in this way means that continuous improvement and integration of software is easier to achieve – constantly improving each microservice and, by default, the sum of their parts.

“In the next few years, the cloud will be at the core of every organisation’s delivery making them digitally native businesses and putting technology at the centre of what the business does and how it operates,” said Neil Turvin.

“Every growing company, no matter how old or in which industry it operates, will have digital delivery at its heart in order to grow and prosper in line with demand – we are at the forefront of helping many of the UK’s leading brands achieve just that.” concludes Neil Turvin.