Manchester based ‘nearshorer’ Godel expands

Manchester-based ‘nearshorer’ Godel Technologies Europe is expanding its Minsk, Belarus base in line with the company’s growth plans and rate of staff retention, and installing a purpose built telepresence (video conferencing) suite. “We have the lowest staff turnover in the business – a near zero attrition rate in our Minsk software development centre and a recruitment target of 100 engineers by the end of 2011 – we’re constantly recruiting new people,” explains Terry Bland, managing director, GodelTech. “Losing knowledge and expertise from software development teams is a core reason why companies such as the Co-op choose to ‘nearshore’ with Godel; our low staff turnover means that they have an extension to their in-house team that they rely on as their ‘own’. “‘Telepresence’ is a huge part of why we are beating off our competition with most companies attempting to do business over a Skype connection which can be unreliable. With the new studio, it brings our investment in the technology to over £200,000. “We offer clients the ability to sit face to face with their team around the boardroom table as if they were in the room with them, so investment into our suite is a key part of our growth plans.” Nearshoring is becoming the prefered method for outsourcing in the UK. Minsk provides a two hour time difference, staff who speak fluent English and have a hungry ethos to work with English companies whilst being excellent software developers. “It’s a win on both sides; our staff in Minsk love working with UK based companies and working on cutting edge software development projects whilst our clients have a dedicated outsourced team that are much less likely to be head hunted if they were part of the in-house UK team.