Women In Tech

International Women’s Day 2018 – Why Working In Technology Inspires Godel’s Women

March 8th marks International Women’s Day – an annual celebration of the achievements of women. In the technology industry International Women’s day serves to highlight the lack of female representation across STEM fields – which is a serious challenge to both the tech industry and wider economy. The UK continues to see few women pursuing technical education and careers.

Godel is committed to gender equality. CEO Neil Turvin said, “At Godel we have found that our teams that get the best results are those that are made up of people with differing attitudes, backgrounds and ways of doing something. They are more able to combine these skills into one solution. So by excluding nearly half the available workforce the IT industry in the UK is really shooting itself in the foot and needs to look seriously at ways of addressing this problem quickly.”

We also spoke to some of Godel’s female technical employees to find out what inspires them within their roles as software development experts.

“Godel is a new chapter of my life that offers new challenges, new skills and opportunities and for sure friends.” – Iryna Saraeva, QA Engineer.

“Working at Godel is like a captivating adventure – you never know what a challenge you may face tomorrow. It keeps you up and leads to professional and personal growth. And I really enjoy it!” – Anastasiya Kuzniatsova, VP Product Management.

“What inspires me? Facing new challenges, working together with skilled professionals and just great guys, getting positive feedback from our clients, new experience and opportunities. That’s what I’m fond of here at Godel.” – Alena Valiukevich, Project Manager.

“I have been working at Godel for a third of my life, which is quite scary to think about! No wonder it is a massive part of me. There is a lot of personal attachment and emotional involvement in things that are going on in Godel. I get genuinely upset if something does not turn out as planned. But more often, Godel and our team make me proud.

The best feeling is that I have a very strong team behind me – people who are stronger and cleverer than me and I can fully rely on them and trust their decisions.” – Anastassia Davidzenka, VP Professional Services.

Without its mostly female leadership team and balanced employee base, Godel would not be where it is today – a leading software development partner renowned for its quality software delivery and technical expertise.