GodelTech takes part in the Agile Summer 2008

GodelTechs’ representatives took part in the Agile Summer 2008 conference which was held in Minsk on the 19th of September. Over 200 people from the former Soviet Union joined this event to share their experience in applying the Agile methodology on real-life projects. This event gathered professionals from Belorussian, Russian and Ukrainian Agile Communities who presented highly useful reports and presentations on practical aspects of using the Agile methodology. The topics covered by participants ranged from the very basics like introducing Agile into company projects to quite complicated practical matters including psychological aspects of managing Agile team.

GodelTechs’ QA Manager, Anna Lukashik presented a report on ‘Introducing Testing Activities into SCRUM Project’. Anna has a wealth of experience working as a member of a strong SCRUM team for one of Godel’s clients where she has been challenged with the task of integrating QA/testing processes into the Agile approach used by the customer on their projects. It has been invaluable experience and eventually the project has benefited from having proper QA process along with strong development techniques successfully mixed in the Agile approach.

Anna says about participating in this event: ‘It’s been great to get a chance to speak with so many professionals inspired by the idea of using Agile in their work. Of course, every company chooses its own path in adopting certain technologies, but the atmosphere of this event has demonstrated that we are all united by striving to perfection in what we do and it was absolutely brilliant to learn about practical experience of applying such a promising approach as Agile.’