GodelTech launches second software development centre

Following significant expansion of its operations in Manchester, UK and Minsk, Belarus in 2012 for a fifth year in a row, GodelTech have today announced the launch of its latest software development centre of excellence situated in Brest, Belarus.

The new location has been established to leverage the high quality Java expertise available within the region in order to meet the demands of the GodelTech’s growing client base.

GodelTech now operates through three locations, providing clients with high quality business analysis, project management, software development and quality assurance expertise, helping clients to deliver mission-critical applications on time and on budget.

As well as announcing the launch of its new Brest office, GodelTech have also recently tripled its recruitment division and are making significant investment in its sales and marketing department in the UK.

“Clients are working with us because we get the job done,” explains Neil Turvin, Chief Executive Officer, Godel Technologies Europe.

“Over 72% of our business this year has come from referral, which demonstrates that our staff are of the highest quality and are very good at what they do. The launch of our Brest office plus the continued expansion of our Minsk and Manchester operations means we are in great shape to continue to recruit great people and gain more referrals.”

The company has a long-term strategy for further business growth with the aim to grow staff numbers by 30% year on year.