GodelTech joins Belarussian High-Technologies Park

GodelTech has been invited to join Belarusia’s top technology companies as a member of the Belarusian High Tech Park.

The move follows eight months’ preparation and recognizes Godeltech’s exceptional developments in the field of high technology software.

The Belarusian High Tech Park is a government-sponsored initiative designed to promote and support the country’s leading high technology companies by creating an optimal business environment with the economic and legal conditions to succeed. It aims to create an environment that surpasses anything available in other countries.

By joining the scheme, GodelTech will be entitled to government support, including tax reductions and the simplification of some local rules and procedures. It will also make it easier for the company to network with fellow high technology companies and improve import and export opportunities.

“It has been a long road but we have now been recognized as a leader in the field of software development within one of the highest growth markets in Europe. Achieving this has been a great team effort and we are delighted with the result,” says Ekaterina Ivanova, GodelTech’s General Manager, who was responsible for making the application and presenting the company to the park supervisors’ committee.

Terry Bland, managing director of GodelTech, said: “This represents a great step for us and demonstrates the progress we have made over the last couple of years in developing a world class software development services company.

For more information about the Belarusian High Tech Park, visit www.park.by/en