GodelTech continues to expand in Belarus

Manchester-based software development specialist GodelTech has just announced that they are relocating to new offices in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. Terry Bland, managing director of GodelTech explained.

“This is our fifth move in Minsk in five years and has been solely driven by the success of our business. The new premises are located in Rubin Plaza and comprise of 400M2 of class A office space, allowing us to accommodate up to 100 staff.”

Formed in 2002 GodelTech provides a very cost-effective solution for organisations requiring high-level software development expertise as Terry outlined. “The software industry is truly global thanks to companies like Microsoft and Oracle. Their internationally recognised certifications and qualifications are a universal standard that guarantees quality anywhere in the world. This means that in places like Belarus where the cost of living is substantially less than the UK, the same highly-qualified software professionals cost considerably less than their counterparts in the UK, while offering the same level of expertise.”

While this business model (Offshoring) has been around for some time, notably with Indian-based companies, Terry believes that the GodelTech model has significant advantages. “Because we are using European-based staff, we do not suffer the time zone or cultural differences that Indian companies do. This allows us to offer a superb service at a fraction of the cost of those companies that have all their staff based in the UK.”

The majority of GodelTech’s senior management team are based in the UK enabling them to manage the relationship and project with the client at a very high level and ensure everything runs smoothly.

“Our approach works”, concluded Terry. “We are now providing more and more dedicated teams to our customers that operate as an extension of their organisation seamlessly and from day one. This enables them to cope with the problems of finding and retaining highly skilled software professionals as well as reducing costs.”