GodelTech are entering Hack Manchester 2012

This years Manchester Science festival brings a very exciting opportunity for a team of Godel developers to take part in a 24-hour coding competition starting on Saturday 27th October.

The “Hackathon” will run through the night into Sunday 28th October and take place at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.  The task for the teams involved is to enter with an idea and 24 hours later, present a working product. The challenge has been set by the event sponsors and prizes will be awarded for the best products.

Chris Sproston, Chief Operating Officer at GodelTech explains how they chose the team. “We had a lot of interest from our talented development team and choosing just 4 was a very hard decision.”

The GodelTech team, pictured above are Aliaksandr, Ales, Dzmitry and Ilya.

Neil Turvin, Chief Executive Officer at GodelTech  “This is a really exciting opportunity for the team and the event requires the skills and imagination which the Godel team have in abundance. Are we going to win? I can’t see why not?”

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