GodelTech announces alliance with Findexa Group

GodelTech today announced an alliance with ZAO Euroaddress, a Moscow-based subsidiary of Findexa Group, a leading European media company. These two companies will pool their expertise and resources to design, develop and market a new generation of Electronic Business Directories in Russian Federation.

GodelTech has been contracted to develop a new version of a CD-based Electronic Business Directory ‘Business Address 2003/2004’. Having realized a significant value brought by GodelTech, including time-to-market, technical and business domain expertise, and work ethics, Euroaddress proposed a strategic alliance to further enhance the system and develop a new generation of information delivery framework.

Juha Granlund, a country manager of Findexa Group said: ‘This agreement is a part of our strategy to address broader markets through alliances. Working together, we can add value and provide better solutions to a larger customer base’.

‘Euroaddress brings a lot to the table. It’s broad marketing network, business expertise and expert knowledge of how to make business in Russia will be major success factors for this initiative’,- added Maxim Basharin, a Director of Business Development of GodelTech.


Findexa is a leading directory information and advertising services company. It is owned by Texas Pacific Group.

Findexa operates in Norway and nine other European countries: France, Finland, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Czech Republic. In 2002, the company published more than 250 different directories, which were circulated in approximately 22 million copies. Findexa’s reported revenue for 2002 were NOK 2.059 billion.