Godel Technologies

Godel’s Head of language development visits the UK

Godel’s head of language, Elena Bukhatkina, visited clients to discuss their communication experiences and expectations from the Godel software developers. The trip allowed her to tailor her English classes around the feedback she receives upon her return to Minsk.

“Elena’s job is all part of improving our customer experience – we employ a team of English teachers in Belarus because communication is an enormous part of the success of the combined development teams – in-house and nearshore,” explains Neil Turvin, CEO of Godel.

“Building world-class software takes excellent team work across the geographies and Elena helps our teams to understand some of the colloquialisms of the British vernacular.”

Each and every client has a video conferencing unit delivered to them when they begin working with Godel further cementing communication between the developers on a daily basis.

As part of her trip, Elena will spend time with Godel’s clients including Feefo, Marketing Delivery, AO.com and Sorted.