Godel Technologies

Lucky Technology Student job shadows Godel’s CTO for the day

Godel joined the British and US embassies in Minsk, the UN and the EU delegation in Belarus, along with representatives of public associations and major international commercial partners to organise a “Shadow for the Day” campaign. Godel’s first visitor is 22-year-old Ekaterina Sys who shadowed Godel’s CTO, Elena Polubochko for the day. Katya graduated from the Belarusian State Economic University and was excited about seeing what Elena accomplishes in a day – a real opportunity for her to peer into the world of a CTO.

Starting at 11 am, Katya was plunged into a shadow discussion of working cases on projects, the results of a recent business trip to the UK, the upcoming audit by the customer, changes in the process of assessing the level of English, weekly news from all Belarusian locations and many other issues.

“I was very enthusiastic about today, I really liked the company and above all the attitude towards people. Honestly, I imagined everything a little differently, thinking that IT is when employees sit at computers and their director is with them around the clock,” said Katya.

“I did not expect to see so many personal contacts, meetings online and offline, in different languages, between different offices, cities and even countries. Lena’s ability to concentrate so much information in her head and competently manage it is worthy of respect.

“This was my first intimate acquaintance with the industry – it was striking how the chain of command works and how, even though we were talking in Russian, I didn’t understand much of what was going on in the first hour – so many Anglicisms!”

“It’s great to be able to see how large companies operate whilst learning directly from some of the industry’s best people – thank you Godel.”

CTO Elena Polubochko was happy to participate in #BelarusGirlsJobShadowing: “It’s great and unusual that there are such initiatives in Belarus. Perhaps Katya’s expectations were calmer, but it always seemed to me that our company was basically different from the rest in terms of pace of life. Clients at meetings the idea was perceived as absolutely normal, in England it is not uncommon. As a student, I often went with my mother to work and found it very interesting, so I understand how invaluable this experience is. I am also pleased that large companies are ready to open their doors and share, because often companies only show what they want to show, and this format gives the picture of how it really is.”