Godel welcomes its 1000th employee.

Godel’s employee count has hit the 1000 milestone this week marginally ahead of opening a third office in Minsk (its seventh in Belarus). The number of employees has more than doubled since 2017, due to the exponential demand for software development talent in the UK and the current skills gap challenge that businesses face when digitising.

The 1000th employee is Nadzeya Dzeranhouskaya who has joined the JavaScript division in Minsk as a software engineer – she graduated from BSEU in 2014 and subsequently worked for small IT companies as a frontend developer. Her skills include developing websites, integrating CRM systems, and building applications for API-telephony.

The combined headcount across its offices in both Manchester and Belarus elicited celebrations including a shower of branded gifts for Nadzeya on her first day, as well as a cake and balloons.

“A thousand employees is a big milestone for us to hit, but most significantly the rate at which we have doubled in just the last two years of our existence demonstrates the exponential demand from digitally native companies in the UK that can’t find the skills to drive rapid growth,” said Neil McMurdo, CEO, Godel.

“With the imminent opening of our third office in Belarus’s capital city, Minsk I’d like to welcome Nadzeya to the Godel family.”