Computing DevOps Awards 2018

Godel & Virgin Holidays win Best Use of Agile at the Computing DevOps Excellence awards 2018

Godel & Virgin Holidays won at the DevOps Excellence Awards last night for Best Use of Agile. The award was won for the work the combined team did to help meet the constantly evolving expectations of Virgin’s customers in the digital era whilst operating in two rapidly-paced markets – technology and travel – delivering faster for its customers and out-pacing its competitors.

“We were looking for someone who could help us scale out and do so in a way where all the knowledge and learning we gain together we retain within the team.” said Sue Dickinson, Virgin Holidays.

The close integration between Godel and Virgin Holidays enables agile development to take place efficiently, with constant communication and knowledge-sharing accelerating Virgin Holiday’s overall delivery pace.

“This is a great win for the combined team and it’s fantastic to see our two organisations working so closely together and achieving great things as a joined up team,” said Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel.

Sue Dickinson from Virgin Holidays collected the trophy on the night.