Godel sponsors Queens Birthday Party in Belarus to mark diplomatic relationship

Diplomatic relations between the UK and Belarus began 25 years ago in 1992 and to mark the anniversary, Godel, which has offices in both Manchester and Minsk, was amongst the sponsors for the Queen’s official birthday party organised by the UK Ambassador.

The event was held at Dipservice Hall, Minsk on June 15th for around 450 guests including diplomats, officials, authorities, businesses, key partners and NGOs.

Godel was a proud sponsor of the event – employees attended to mark the occasion. The company has around 300 employees in Belarus and its own international relations between Manchester and Minsk form the bedrock of the company.

Rob Nugent, Chief Technology Officer, Godel said: “It was a fun and enjoyable event that Godel were delighted to be able to sponsor. As a company with its headquarters in the UK and software development centres in Belarus, we look forward to continuing to support the UK Embassy with its excellent work in Belarus.”