Godel proud to be one of the founding members of OMSA

A community of high-tech companies has joined forces to help businesses fight back against mobile data security threats.

From scammers cleaning out people’s bank accounts, to fraudsters stealing private details, to hackers shutting down companies’ systems, there are risks to all of us. And now that most of us incorporate mobile devices into our daily working lives, the criminals have even more ways in.

“OMSA” (the Open Mobile Security Alliance), with its new user group, online resource centre and free helpline, was launched by software company Spaggetti, in partnership with app developer Apadmi, security provider Cybernis and Extended software development team provider Godel. Together, they plan to make 2014 the year in which companies and organisations are no longer powerless against the bad guys.

Jon Holttum, founding director at Spaggetti, explains the new initiative: “In our line of business, security is the bedrock of what we do. We are often asked to integrate our own technology into other peoples’ – be it apps or enterprise systems – so every day we see the glaring gaps in some security set-ups. It scares us because that puts us at risk too.

“So we decided to take the lead and do something about it. This is not only an awareness campaign, but also a way of putting people in touch with a network of the right experts to help them make their own systems more secure.”

The alliance’s campaign microsite contains a free password app, a wealth of advice and tips, and a free helpline on 0844 500 8836 for any organisation whose employees use mobile devices.

The online resource centre includes advice on topics including:

  • The risks involved when data is stored on a mobile device The risks involved when data is transmitted to or from a mobile device
  • How to make your staff more risk-aware
  • How to create a mobile-specific security policy
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies
  • Creating a sensible password
  • Making sure your apps are secure
  • Data encryption
  • Secure connectivity
  • Safe use of social media platforms
  • Rogue/unauthorised apps
  • Device management

As part of the campaign, OMSA spokespersons will also be giving talks and free workshops throughout 2014. Dates will be confirmed on the website.