Godel make move into PHP

Godel, a UK based, leading software development nearshorer, has today announced its intentions to expand on its offerings to market by making a significant investment into the growth of the company’s PHP division.

The decision on the expansion of the PHP division has occurred due to the influx of requests the company has received from existing clients to replicate the successful model they already use for .NET, Java and Quality Assurance.

The offering provided by Godel, sees managed teams of software developers with vast experience in PHP development being provided to UK businesses as extended software development and quality assurance teams to aid clients with mission-critical deliveries.

Godel provides clients in the UK with extended software development teams and extended quality assurance teams, which are fronted with Business Analysts, Scrum Masters or Project Managers from its software development centre’s of excellence in Minsk and Brest, Belarus.

The company has seen growth in turnover significantly increase, whilst staff growth has increased by 300% in the same period due to an increased amount of clients choosing to utilize its model to gain access to high quality software development talent.

“Businesses, particularly, fast growing businesses, face numerous challenges in sourcing the best software development talent – statistics within the UK IT market suggest that there is a huge shortage of available software developers and that the best of those available are highly sought after,” explains Neil Turvin, CEO, Godel.

UK based organizations are casting their nets wider than the UK to source talent. In Belarus, talent is readily available and eager to impress and deliver. The country has 17 technology Universities providing exceptional talent for the job and an Education system which has been developing software development talent over the past fifteen years, which has established Belarus as a European talent capital for software development.

CIO.co.uk recently completed an article discussing the growing IT skills gap within the UK and how this is damaging UK businesses. Recognising Belarus within the article as a european hot-bed for software development and quality assurance talent, the article details the investment made by the country into IT, with Gartner recently announcing Belarus being in the top 30 countries for offshore services, specifically for software development.

The article can be read here:http://www.cio.co.uk/insight/workforce-development/it-skills-shortage-is-hurting-uk-companies