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Godel invests in UK Apprenticeship Scheme

GodelTech in Manchester, has embarked on a new scheme to give young North West individuals a chance to kick start their career. The apprentice scheme is a growing and popular way to get young people into work that are facing difficulties with rising unemployment figures and high University tuition fees.

The scheme is one that is close to some hearts at GodelTech, as a number of Senior managers have come through the same route.

Neil Turvin, GodelTech CEO and former IT apprentice commented;

“We are delighted to be involved in a UK apprenticeships program here at GodelTech.

Having been an apprentice myself early in my career, it gave me the chance to understand IT businesses from the ground up and the knowledge and experience I gained within my roles along the way have no doubt been a key reason why I am now CEO of GodelTech.

I am hopeful that the investment we make in these young prospects delivers Godel continued growth.”

GodelTech operates throughout Europe and uses the very latest technologies for communication between offices and clients. The apprentices are given the chance to communicate with GodelTech team members as well as clients, using high definition video conferencing facilities, where they will be communicating with clients in UK and Europe and members of staff in its Minsk and Brest, Belarus offices.

The new apprentices will be working as part of GodelTech’s marketing division initially and will carry out marketing campaigns for the company.

GodelTech have been working closely with The Apprentice Academy, Manchester, whose job is to find suitable apprentices for many different jobs that range across the business spectrum. With both companies working together, the partnership aims to give apprentices the best opportunities to progress and to have a successful start in their working career.

Matthew Juniper, one of the GodelTech apprentices is looking forward to his start with the company;

“I am really looking forward to working for Godel and I am thankful to them for the opportunity to work in IT. I have been unable to find a job since I left college in late spring even though I left with a number of A-Levels. I am really looking forward to working for GodelTech  and learning the new skills I need to progress my career.”

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