Godel Technologies

Godel hosts technology meetup in Brest

Godel has hosted a technology meetup for up to 150 IT enthusiasts and experts at the Hilton Hotel in Brest on Saturday 13th July.

This public meetup is Godel’s first ever flagship event hosted in the city of Brest continuing the successful meet ups in Minsk. Brest is Godel’s second largest development location and a key destination for meet ups going forward. There are around 150 full time employees located in the Brest office which makes Godel Technologies the 3rd biggest employer in the city.

Attendees heard from four of Godel’s technology leaders. Each of our keynote speakers shared their knowledge and experience on popular technology trends and topics. Some of those discussed were ‘working in remote teams’, ‘Is AI practical or still rocket science?’ and all about the microservices architecture that so many systems are built around in our digital world. The event aimed to bring together the technology community to share expertise and ideas – the city has a thriving technical industry which hasn’t received the same recognition as Minsk, despite it being home to the winners of the previous four Google Hashcode and CodeJam hackathons.

“It was the first meetup of this kind in Brest for us and we were a little nervous on how it all goes. But when we walked in on Saturday morning it became apparent our worries have been unreasonable. It all went great: it was really exciting to see so many active, intelligent, interesting people ready to spend their weekend learning something new and sharing their experience, and the presenters were brilliant – it’s been the first experience for some of them, but they did really well.” Elena Polubochko, CTO, Godel.