Godel Host Spotify and in Minsk

Godel, a leading software development nearshorer based in the UK and Belarus has today announced that it is to host an exclusive “tech meet up” at Minsk`s new fashionable venue; Space, Oktyabrskaya 16A, featuring talks from Kevin Goldsmith, Director of Engineering for Spotify and Stuart Hughes, CTO from

“Empowering Software Engineering Talent”

Following on from its summer “Agile Weekend” event held in Minsk, which was held for Godel staff, and subsequent events entitled “Empowering IT Talent” and “Delivering Rapidly Changing Systems at Scale” held at The Shard, and St Paul’s Cathedral, London, respectively, Godel have announced an exciting get together for the “best of the best” of software development talent in Belarus.

Kevin Goldsmith will cover off the industry’s hottest topic “scaling agile” whilst Stuart Hughes will present on the task facing his team in enhancing an already exceptional online platform at

Neil Turvin, Chief Executive Officer at Godel explains the reasons behind inviting Spotify and to deliver talks in Belarus “Spotify is one of the planet’s most recognizable brands possessing some of the world’s best software cheap swimsuits development talent. The company is also seen by the development world as thought leaders around agile and the scaling of agile teams. is another exciting household name, which is making great strides with their offerings to the market globally. Stuart and his team at are delivering some extremely complex yet, extremely valuable enhancements to a platform which is already exceptional.” 

Explaining the reasons why Godel have announced this event, Turvin continued, “It is extremely important to hold technical briefings of this nature as a way of investing in our own talented staff, but we also believe it is important for companies like Godel to invest in the wider development community in Belarus to give others the opportunity to learn from the best.” 

Taking into consideration the growth of Belarussian companies such as Godel and other IT companies, Belarus is becoming Europe’s hot-bed for software engineering talent.  This is something which UK companies are now fully aware of.

Godel has seen growth in turnover increase by 341% since 2010, with overall staff growth increasing by 343% in the same period, due to an increased amount of clients choosing to utilize its model to gain access to its high quality software development talent, however, the company has an interesting take on its growth plans as Neil Turvin explains,

“With large software development companies based in Eastern Europe and beyond, as they grow to large numbers they find it very difficult, near on impossible to maintain quality and keep a strong engineering culture running through the company.

“At Godel, we plan to grow differently. Developers have the choice to work anywhere in reality, but they want to work for an organization, which cares upper-most about quality of delivery. Our mentality and culture means that maintaining quality and our reputation for delivery beats aiming for numbers, every time.  We receive feedback everyday that clients now require agile, dynamic partners in the development space, who are focused on quality over quantity, this is why over the past few years we have seen such solid growth.”