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Godel Helps Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) Build Software Platform For 2020 Smart Meter Roll Out

Nearshore software development company Godel has been chosen by First Utility to help build its smart metering software platform in readiness for 2020 – the date the UK Government wants energy suppliers to have installed smart meters in every home in England, Wales and Scotland.

Godel will work closely with First Utility’s in-house development team to swell numbers to over 80 developers and ensure that its smart metering platform is highly integrated and automated, allowing the installed metres to be managed via the new cloud-based platform.

“A smart energy grid is key to achieving a low-carbon, efficient and reliable way of supplying gas and electricity – and will benefit our customers in many new ways,” explains Niall Horley, Head of Core Platform, First Utility.

“Working collaboratively with our in-house development team, Godel will help to deliver a platform that will eradicate manual readings, display better and more accurate information for users to see their energy usage in near real-time and show the corresponding costs.”

By providing the information gleaned from the smart meter in an engaging and accessible way, we are helping customers better understand their usage and give them the control to cut waste and lower their bills.”

Godel is working with First Utility on a number of projects, including the replacement of a legacy IT system for Feed In Tariffs and integration to the company’s new broadband product which the company is offering customers. It will also work together more generally on the constant changes and updates to First Utility’s digital platform.

“Our development teams – both internally and externally – work off a shared backlog delivering features together. We have an excellent collaborative relationship working closely to get things done,” concludes Niall Horley.

As of 25th March 2019 First Utility was acquired by the New Energies division of Shell.