Godel teaches its Belarusian software developers to speak fluent Mancunian

Manchester-based nearshore software development company Godel has taken steps to teach its 400 software developers in its centre of excellence in Minsk, to understand the British vernacular – especially the finer details of colloquial Mancunian.

One of Godel’s English teachers, Elena Bukhatkina, will visit the company’s Manchester HQ on August 14, 2017 to meet the team and visit clients to discuss their communication experiences and expectations. The trip will allow her to tailor her English classes around the feedback she receives upon her return to Minsk.

“Elena’s job is to go back to Minsk with an understanding of what skills the team needs to be able to communicate to the highest level with their counterparts in Manchester and with clients around the UK,” explains Neil Turvin, CEO of Godel.

“We employ a team of English teachers in Belarus because we place huge important on our developers’ ability to understand English – in all its forms – and obviously to work closely with our clients to build world-class software. Language plays a huge part in that.

“Our customers span the length and breadth of the UK, but the team in our Manchester HQ have taken the lessons to heart and are adamant Elena should return with some real ‘Mancunianisms’ under her belt.

“As a true Mancunian, I can’t wait to hear my heads of development practicing their new found skills when communicating with the team in Manchester – and the team in Manchester will be perfecting some Russian phrases too.”

As part of her trip, Elena will spend time with Godel’s clients including, Rentalcars, Cash Management Solutions, CPP Group and Experian.

She will also take the opportunity to speak to Godel’s Manchester based employees, requesting that they provide some video content from which she can base a number of her lessons in Minsk – providing her with additional teaching materials.