Godel chosen as development partner by CACI LTD

GodelTech has been chosen as a ‘nearshore’ outsourced software development partner by CACI, an independent software vendor (ISV) of marketing solutions and information systems software. The overall development team will comprise of CACI’s inhouse team and GodelTech’s Minsk, Belarus based software development and quality assurance (QA) team.

“We have set up a joint development team which is headed up by our own inhouse development staff, but with an extended team of developers and QA engineers in GodelTech’s development centre in Minsk,” explains Simon Kelly, Operations Director, CACI.

“Keeping ahead of the market place with cutting edge software is something that a partner like GodelTech is able to help us with. It’s scalable, so we can flexibly increase or decrease the team in Minsk should the need arise, and it provides us with a balance between efficiency and resource costs, which allows CACI to keep control over development and project expenditure.”

Nearshoring is becoming the prefered method for outsourcing in the UK. Minsk provides a two hour time difference, staff who speak fluent English and have a hungry ethos to work with English companies whilst being excellent software developers.

“There are many advantages to nearshoring, our clients obtain a skilled dedicated team which is tailored to the experience the client requires and the intellectual property (IP) of the software developed in our centre in Minsk remains with the client, not us,” explains Neil Turvin, director, GodelTech.

“Our high definition teleconferencing suite provided to clients by GodelTech enables interaction, discussion and screen sharing with the extended team in Minsk. This is integral to why GodelTech is beating off competition from other large outsourcers who  continue to do business over a Skype connection which can be unreliable.”