Godel attends MVF Fest

Just when you thought festival season was over for another year, recently Godel was invited by client, MVF to its employee away-day, MVF Fest. The event was held at the Emirates Stadium for employees to cover a host of business strategies and plans. As part of the day, the speaker program included two of Godel’s technology supremos – Jorge Garcia de Bustos and Sergei Yaroshka, who each gave a presentation.

MVF transforms how businesses find new customers with its customer generation platform – technology that works to accelerate an organisation’s growth, and the presentations delivered on the day were along this theme.

With in-house MVF colleague Latheesan Kanesamoorthy, Godel’s Jorge delivered his “Lunar landers, Super Mario and MVF: an intro to Reinformcement Learning” presentation which talked about how innovation and machine learning can benefit MVF. Sergei did a separate presentation about chatbots and how using them in customer service environments helps grow revenues. He explained how use of chatbots benefits a business by being able to qualify details within the sales qualification process leading to a rise in sales and ultimately growth.

The day was a huge success, and if you’d like to hear more about reinforcement learning or chatbots, please contact Godel on 0161 219 8100 or email hello@godeltech.com