Godel Attend Agile By Example 2016

On 10th October, members of Godel’s software development team flew to Warsaw, Poland to attend AgileByExample 2016 – a conference noted as one of the best agile centred events in the world. The event consisted of keynote speakers from across the world; prominent agile coaches such as Henrik Kniberg and Kevin Goldsmith were amongst the many who gave talks.

Agile software development is an adaptive methodology which many leading companies are adopting in order to drastically improve their project delivery. As an agile organisation, Godel employees are always looking for new ways to learn, and the lessons which thought leaders offered at AgileByExample 2016 were valuable to the team.

The Godel team attended many talks over the course of the conference. Henrik Kniberg, who coaches companies such as Spotify and Lego in agile methodology, spoke about how agile can be used to improve one’s focus, highlighting the importance of prioritisation and effective workflow management. Another inspiring talk was presented by Jurgen Appolo, on the topic of how project managers can encourage agile success and overall team happiness.

Kevin Goldsmith also spoke at AgileByExample. Goldsmith is an important figure for Godel, as he was appointed Strategic Advisor to the company board in February 2016. He has been an excellent asset during Godel’s rapid growth – with extensive experience in building agile teams, Goldsmith’s knowledge of the methodology is highly valuable.

Goldsmith explained how he is working with legal services company Avvo to implement agile techniques. The Godel team saw many parallels in the successes which Goldsmith has brought to Avvo and Godel’s own agile process. Godel COO Elena Polubochko said, “Kevin’s talk about building a culture of continuous improvement at Avvo resonated with how Godel is growing. So, we definitely must be doing something right here!”

Since so much information was shared at the event, Godel decided to host a follow-up conference with the rest of the team to discuss lessons learned. From observing what had been conveyed at the event, the team could see that Godel is on track in its use of agile methodology. Team members discussed new techniques can be integrated into the company, such as the use of a ‘Delegation Board’ to clarify team members’ roles, and the introduction of ‘personal maps’ as a way for new employees to introduce themselves.

Photos from Godel’s AgileByExample follow-up conference

The conclusions drawn from AgileByExample showed the Godel team that agility is all about adaptability, and as the team continues to be successfully agile, new lessons are always out there to be learned. Godel CEO Neil Turvin said, “For Godel, agile is part of the foundation of the whole company. So, attending AgileByExample and holding the follow-up conference was a great help in bringing new ideas into our team so that we can continue developing our knowledge base and applying it to our work.”

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