Godel Announces a 41% rise in turnover in FY2014

Godel, a leading nearshore development company has announced that turnover increased by 41% in FY2014, as the company continued to grow its impressive client base, as UK organisations continued to adopt its unique extended software development and quality assurance teams offering.

Revenue grew sharply from £2.7million at December 31, 2013 to £3.8 million at December 31, 2014, with staff growth since 2010 increasing by 300% at the Manchester Headquarters and 250% across its UK and Belarus locations respectively. Godel also made the move from its original office at Manchester Science Park to City Tower in the heart of Manchester city centre to accommodate staff growth, a move which saw its office space expand by 170%.

Godel provides some of UK’s leading organisations with its teams of software development and quality assurance expertise based in Belarus, which act as an extension of a clients in-house delivery team to collaborate on mission-critical deliveries as one virtual-team.

Belarus is widely recognised within the industry as a talent capital for software development and quality assurance expertise, with some of the world’s leading organisations having locations based in the country, in order to leverage the computing science talent that has been and is continuing to be produced by the country.

Historically, many businesses began to setup remote offices in locations further afield which have since proved difficult to make a success, the disruption and loss of productivity created through substantial time zone differences, taxing travel demands for UK staff to visit the development center and important cultural differences are frequently cited as the reason for failure.

The growth in Godel supports the belief that the “nearshoring” model is now maturing with many of the UK’s leading organisations replacing their offshore locations with a nearshore (Central European) location instead.

This shift has had a positive impact on Godel’s growth over the previous three years which Neil Turvin, CEO at Godel explains,

“Our own engagement strategy has been honed over the past few years and we now have a very unique offering for the market which allows clients to have access to some of the best software development talent available in Europe, who work UK working hours and have vast experience of working as remote teams for UK clients.

This enables clients to not only have a method of accessing software development talent, but it also offers the client a risk mitigation strategy for retaining knowledge, whilst also potentially saving them thousands of pounds per year.  In the past three years, we have experienced 250% growth in staff in Belarus and opened two offices there which demonstrates there is a need for our offering, but we have also held a 98% retention rate on clients too, which is a positive sign as it means we are continuing to deliver quality throughout our growth.“

Godel has added a high profile list of clients in the last six months including, Thetrainline.com, Laterooms.com, Boden, Intelliflo, MITIE, Grafton plc.