Neil Turvin

Godel announces 40% rise in sales in FY2013

Godel, a leading agile software development expert, announced that sales revenues grew by 40% year on year in FY2013 as further clients, seeking
software development talent, continued to adopt Godel’s unique Extended software development teams offering.

Sales revenue grew sharply from £2.4million at December 31, 2012 to £3.35 million at December 31, 2013, with the company aiming to hit sales revenues of £5 million by end of 2014, a year earlier than orginally planned.

Godel provides talent seeking organisations in the UK with its teams of software development and quality assurance expertise, which engage and partner with business’ in-house delivery teams and collaborate on mission-critical deliveries together as one virtual-team. High definition video conferencing and time-zone similarities are leveraged to ensure that agile delivery is successfully achieved.

“The Godel team have achieved something extradordinary this year and I feel very proud to be leading this very special company. We took the decision to purely focus our attention on the quality of our delivery instead of chasing revenue and this has meant that clients recognise that we don’t face the external pressures which our larger competitors do, which means we can focus on making the most suitable recommendations to a client to ensure delivery success. Our clients respect our direct, no-nonsense approach to project delivery which in turn means that our revenues increase anyway as a consequence.” explains Neil Turvin, chief executive officer, Godel.

The organisation took the decision at the start of 2013 to invest in its UK sales operation and are now reaping the rewards of that decision. Turvin continues,“We now have an exceptional sales team representing Godel in the UK, which is backed by some of the leading business analysis, software development and quality assurance talent in Europe, based from our Belarus offices. This makes our offering in the market compelling and very unique.”

Godel has added a high profile list of clients in the last twelve months including;, Tesco Telecoms, MITIE, Grafton plc, Earthport, Optionis, NetNames, Morson Group, Sofaworks and has recently announced an 18-month contract with global IT solutions provider, CACI, worth £400,000.

Nearshore software development is becoming the prefered method for sourcing premier software development talent for company’s in the UK. Belarus provides a two hour time difference, staff who speak fluent English and have a hungry ethos to work with English companies.