Godel and respective clients to visit Spotify in Stockholm, Sweden

Godel, a leading nearshore software development company, has today announced that it is to host a tech gathering at Spotify’s head offices in Stockholm, Sweden, in early February 2015.

Scaling agile and building a strong engineering culture Part 2” is the sequel to a successful event held by Godel, which featured LateRooms.com and Spotify at The Shard, London in October 2014.

The tech gathering attendees include a host of the UK’s leading businesses alongside Godel, to explore how Spotify scale agile and how they continue to invest and lead the way in maintaining a strong software engineering culture.

A high number of the UK’s leading online businesses have implemented agile as the de-facto standard for delivery of software and are keen to continuously improve and evolve processes to have the ability to release quality software faster.

Agile development is a popular delivery methodology adopted by many of the world’s leading software development companies, with Spotify widely recognised across the globe as leaders in the scaling of agile software development teams.

Godel, who recently announced a turnover increase of 41% for FY2014, and a staff increase of 250% since 2010, are continuing to flourish within the software development industry as many UK organisations continue to adopt its unique Extended software development teams offering.

The model sees Godel providing some of UK’s leading organisations with teams of software development and quality assurance expertise based in Europe, which work seamlessly with a clients in-house delivery team to collaborate on mission-critical deliveries as one virtual scrum team.

The offering from Godel not only allows UK businesses the ability to source European based software development talent, but also enables companies to scale agile development processes and delivery across remote software development and quality assurance teams in remote locations.

The scaling of agile and the hosting of events of this type has had a positive impact on Godel’s growth over the previous three years which Neil Turvin, CEO at Godel explains,

“Agile is now regarded within the industry as being a de-facto standard for delivery of software development initiatives. As the methodology has matured, projects that have been delivered utilising this approach have proved successful. This is partly due to the actual releases of software being delivered to users more frequently, but also because these releases actually align with the organisations latest business requirements.

Spotify are recognised as leaders in agile and to get the opportunity to visit them alongside our clients was an opportunity we all wanted to grasp.”