Ensuring the wellness of your workforce (remotely).

It’s difficult to believe that many of us have already been working from home for almost a month now. During this extraordinary time, there is no doubt that we have faced challenges which couldn’t have been anticipated. One such challenge is that of communication and face-to-face interaction, and with this comes the task of ensuring that your employees are keeping well, both physically and mentally. We are somewhat lucky that today’s society encourages people to speak out about their worries more than ever before, but it seems clear that the global health crisis we are facing will emphasise this further.

Whilst individuals are working remotely, it is important that they are still actively encouraged to communicate regularly, both formally and informally, to keep the team’s culture alive – now is as good a time as any to share a laugh! Not only will this boost morale, but it encourages employees to take a break from their tasks, too, which in turn is likely to improve productivity.

Here are some ideas used by Godel, which you can try within your team:

  • Daily Stand Up – Each team could start the day with a video call, where each employee has the chance to share what they’re working on. This also provides time to raise any challenges that have arisen whilst working from home. Sharing it with the team could also cultivate collaboration, which is great for morale too!


  • Daily Virtual Coffee – Blocking out time for your team each afternoon, where non-work-related conversation is fully encouraged. It is a chance to ask those everyday questions – “How are you doing?” “How was your weekend?” which are important factors in the way we build relationships at work, and it’s important that this continues whilst we’re away from our offices. Godel employees can join a daily lunchtime ‘drop in’ – a virtual room where they catch up with anybody within the team, even if it’s not somebody you would usually work with.


  • Frequent Meetings – Time to communicate with those that you usually work alongside. If you would do this already, are you able to meet more frequently? This has the potential to minimise stress as it enables all parties to keep on top of their tasks.


  • Set up a Social Committee – Managing workloads can be difficult, and the added stress of keeping employees ‘in the loop’ is bound to take up more of your valuable time. Building a team around this is beneficial as it means sharing the responsibility between a few individuals. Moreover, this is something that can benefit your organisation and its culture long after the end of the crisis which we are facing now.


  • Online Quizzes – How about a weekly quiz from your social team? Godel recommends a round of ‘Guess the baby photo’ or ‘Through the Keyhole’, whereby employees guess which remote desk belongs to which of their colleagues. This creates a bit of fun and is something that really enhances team spirit, which has been made increasingly difficult as a result of us having to adapt to new ways of communication.


  • Transparency – Godel believes it is vital for the well-being of employees that team leaders share information regarding important updates within the business, as this can help to eliminate any worry in their minds and help them to keep focused and on task. In line with this, our CEO Neil McMurdo, hosts a bi-weekly catch up, in which he is able to check in with his colleagues that he would usually encounter on a regular basis.


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